After a busy winter term including a lovely authentic Chinese meal, it is time to wrap up and rest for Easter. I am off to Wudang to train with shifu. I’ll be looking at one of the Wudang Kung Fu forms with a mix of fast and slow movements, and then coming back and teaching it at a new class starting in King’s Cross (The Place) on May 16th.

Tuesday classes will start on the 30th April and Thursday daytime classes on May 2nd. As soon as I get back I’m planning an indoor weekend workshop featuring some of the content from my time training in Wudang. After that I will be changing approach with the weekend workshops, which from mid-May onwards will be outside in areas of natural beauty around Hackney, reduced to two hours long, and followed by lunch for those who fancy it.

In terms of projects in the pipeline, a Tai Chi retreat in an ecofriendly lodge set in private woodlands in Salisbury is planning stages for the summer (July 26-28th cost starting from £270), and I’m thinking of doing some weekday early morning Qi Gong classes and lunchtime Tai Chi classes outside. Please get in touch if either of those seem of interest.

First though, to recharge and refresh. I didn’t make it to Wudang last year, so am raring to go and do some intensive training! Have a fantastic Easter, and I hope to see you on my return.