Online Nei Gong Retreats

Our next online Heart Repair Meditation for Nei Gong retreat will take place 3rd to 9th November 2024. The event welcomes beginners and experienced students, and aims to focus the mind, free the heart, open the central channel and then build internal power using the following techniques:

Taoist Observation Meditation: This is a concentration meditation which focusses on body and breath, and opens the body through use of ‘sung’ or relaxation power. Taoist Observation Meditation calms the mind and establishes the body as foundation for the practices that follow.

Touch and Go Meditation: This technique explores the difference between the conditioned self (yi/intention) and pure awareness (shen/spirit). All of human experience is welcome in this style, which combines concentration and emptiness meditation to soften the grip of emotions on mind and body.

Central Pillar Meditation: This is a focussed application of Taoist Observation Meditation that is designed to open the central channel. Anybody who has done body scan meditations or vipassana will find familiar elements in this technique.

Standing Stake Nei Gong: This is a stationary standing practice which heals on a postural and energetic level. It also generates martial power, and is how the Tai Chi powers are created in the Wudang Pai. Two different techniques will be taught, one for beginners and one for experienced students.

Also Featuring: The techniques are embedded within a warm-up for physical comfort, journalling for grounding, and breathing techniques which thread the three techniques together. I also share the story of how these techniques helped me through challenging times. There is some individual unstructured creative time in the final session to leave space for inspiration – the hallmark of the spirit – to strike.

Philosophy: Ancient arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong have been quietly repairing the hearts of practitioners for hundreds of years. In recent years, modern psychology has become interested in techniques like this as part of a body-based approach to emotional processing. This is known as the somatic approach to trauma or somatic experiencing. You can read more about the worldview behind Heart Repair here.

Details: The retreat is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced students, and for people of all health levels. It takes place online via Zoom, with a live 2.5 hour class introductory class on a Sunday, five 90 minute classes before work Monday to Friday, and a live 2.5 hour concluding class on a Saturday. The cost for the retreat is £150. I wish for this event to be accessible to all so if you would like to come and cannot afford the full amount please get in touch. To express interest in this retreat please use the button below.

The First Heart Repair Retreat in 2020

The pandemic left many of us unable to travel and gather, so in November 2020 Lucia decided to offer a retreat online instead. In the UK this was the start of our second lockdown just after the clocks went back, and many people were feeling a bit down, so we offered a Heart Repair Meditation for Nei Gong course. We ran classes in the morning before work for six days, with a longer session on the final day that included unstructured creative time at the end. 17 people signed up, some with only Tai Chi experience, some with only Meditation experience, and some with none of either. This is how they found the course.

“I loved the way how class was structured: balance between info, background and practice. I enjoyed the level of your engagement with participants. As I am very lazy in terms of physical activity I enjoyed the fact that I was a part of a group, it motivated me to keep going.” S.M.

“I have made great progress connecting Qi and my lower DanTian into my moving Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice. It was very sudden, after the first day of Nei Gong practice whilst performing Qi Gong I suddenly connected the dots of breath, soft openness, and moving with the intention gently directing DanTian. Absolutely magical.” A.P.

“It was also good to join a community of students again!  The “Break-out Rooms” gave a little opportunity to “meet new people” which is such a rarity these days and hear each person’s slightly different take on what you’d been teaching.   A.G.

“It’s a great way to start the day, and I really benefit from adhering to a strict schedule and doing it with a group. It actually makes it more effortless. There was a feeling of openness and generosity about the whole thing – very nice.” L.T.