Private lessons with Lucia are available for those looking to rapidly improve their Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wudang Sword or Wudang Kung Fu skills. These personalised classes work through any physical issues towards a healing and direct experience of internal power.

On weekday afternoons between 12 noon and 5pm, classes are £75 for one hour or £100 for a 90-minute session. Outside of these times, classes cost £100 for 1 hour, £125 for a 90-minute session, £150 for two hours and £200 for three hours, with a minimum three-hour lesson on weekends. The following packages are also available:

Lunchtime Tai Chi: 10 x 1 hour lessons that occur weekly on weekday afternoons. These lessons are for beginners or intermediates and are designed to fit into your working day. Package cost when student comes to Hackney £700, cost for tuition at home in London zones 1-2 is £1400.
Introduction to Tai Chi: 10 x 1.5 hour classes introducing Tai Chi basic skills and teaching a short sequence to practise at home. This package is for complete beginners or those with injuries and the recommended lesson frequency is every week. Package cost £900.
Developing Tai Chi: 12 x 2 hour lessons for those with an existing practice who wish to develop their skills. The minimum lesson frequency is once a month. Package cost £1500.
Tai Chi Intensive: 35 hours training spread over 1 or 2 weeks for long distance students. Learn traditional basic skills and a short Wudang Tai Chi or Qi Gong form. Package cost £2000.

Lessons take place either online or outside in Clapton, Hackney. Classes are paid for in advance and a cancellation policy applies. If you have any questions about classes for small groups or in locations other than Clapton, please get in touch.

Private Lessons Testimonial

“I found myself being drawn to Tai Chi, I meditate daily and was looking to deepen my meditation practice through mind and body harmonisation… Within the first lesson, Lucia had shown me a breathing exercise where I could connect with my qi, my inner energy force…which I actually felt and even though it was a subtle feeling, it was something I haven’t experienced before encouraging me to want to learn more.

Lucia went on to show me a meditation practice named ‘standing stake’ where we hold a standing posture whilst bringing awareness into the body and at the same time relaxing every part of the body, this had a releasing effect which really unblocked any tension I was holding onto. I felt the benefits immediately….feeling very light and energised, Over a few days of practicing I started to recognise my breathing deepen and even my digestion felt better?!

Working through the beginning of the Tai Chi form I have learnt to synchronise movement with the breath whilst having awareness of balance and fluidity. Lucia has guided me step by step allowing me to gain a deep understanding of each movement I’ve learnt so far. My introduction into Tai Chi has been an enriching experience and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey.”

F.G. After six 90 minute private lessons