Group Wudang Classes

Which Class is Right for Me?

Both the in-person Tuesday Evening Tai Chi and Thursday evening 18-step Kung Fu forms class suit people of average health level; Tuesday evening Tai Chi is for beginners where Thursday evening Kung Fu is for intermediate practitioners. Tai Chi for Health is very gentle and suits people of all levels of health and experience, and Wudang Wake-Up welcomes all levels and is suitable for people in average health.

Students are welcome to train on their own using Lucia’s online tuition series or to book a private lesson; this is currently the only way to study Wudang Sword. If you have any questions about which class to book in for, feel free to get in contact, and to be kept informed of all the latest classes, just sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Traditional Tai Chi for Beginners

Tuesdays evenings 6.30-8.00pm at the Salvation Army Hall, Clapton and online
Term runs 28th November to 19th December (Four Weeks)
This 90-minute class is for those who want to learn Tai Chi in the most traditional way. It features a stretch warm-up, standing stake, basic skills and the 36-step Secret Transmission Wudang Tai Chi form. This is a rich and varied Tai Chi form which we build brick by brick from our basic skills practice. The class is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced students, with individual tuition given according to the student’s level.

Cost: This four-week term costs £48 or £40 for concessions. Drop-ins are £20 per session. This is a hybrid class, it takes place in a hall with a camera in the classroom linked to a zoom session so students can also attend online if they wish.

Online 18-step Wudang Kung Fu

Thursday evenings online 6-7pm
Term runs 30th November to 14th December (Three Weeks)
The 18-step Wudang Fist mixes slow moves from Tai Chi with faster movements from Wudang Kung Fu, making a dynamic form which is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Students can expect a rigorous warm-up, strength training, power emission practice (fa jin), plus slower internal cultivation techniques.

Cost: This three-week online term costs £30. All sessions are recorded and sent to everyone who attends.

Tai Chi for Health

Tuesdays online 12.30-1.30pm
Term runs 28th November to 19th December (Four Weeks)
This is an hour-long Tai Chi class for beginners that is currently online for the winter. Students can improve posture while standing in the basic Tai Chi position, while the soft, fluid movements of the 13 Principles Wudang Tai Chi form improve mobility and calm the mind.

Cost: The full four week term costs £40. Students can also book in advance for all classes in the term they wish to attend at a rate of £10 per class or drop-in for £15 per session.

Wudang Wake-Up

Wednesdays 7.30-8.30am online
Term runs 6th to 20th December (Three Weeks)
This exercises in this early morning class were taught by Master Yuan Li Min every morning during Lucia’s trip to Wudang Shan in October 2023. It features a nice warm up, and exercises of increasing depth to open the body and stir the qi before settling into Tai Chi practice. It’s a great way to start the day! Suitable for all levels.

Cost: This three-week term costs £30. All classes are recorded.

Wudang Sword

Currently only available as a private lesson
The Wudang sword style is famous for its mix of fast and slow movements which make it exhilarating to practise. The sword becomes an extension of the body and mind, extending awareness as it teaches students how to transmit power over greater distances. This art form builds on empty-hand skills and is introduced once students are proficient at empty hand Tai Chi forms. Students initially look at individual sword strokes before going on to study the Wudang Seven Star Sword Form