Group Wudang Classes

Which Class is Right for Me?

All classes welcome beginners. Experienced practitioners will most enjoy the Tuesday Evening Taditional Tai Chi class  and the Thursday Evening Eight Powers – Eight Trigrams class. The most gentle classes are Tai Chi for Health and Follow Along Qi Gong, and Traditional Tai Chi is best for those of average health level and above.

Students are welcome to train on their own using Lucia’s online tuition series or to book a private lesson; this is currently the only way to study Wudang Sword. If you have any questions about which class to book in for, feel free to get in contact, and to be kept informed of all the latest classes, just sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Traditional Tai Chi for Beginners

Tuesdays evenings 6.30-8.00pm at the Salvation Army Hall, Clapton and online
Full Term 16th April to 2nd July, Mini Term 16th April to 7th May
This 90-minute class is for those who want to learn Tai Chi in the most traditional way. It features a stretch warm-up, standing stake, basic skills and the 36-step Secret Transmission Wudang Tai Chi form. This is a rich and varied Tai Chi form which we build brick by brick from our basic skills practice. The class is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced students, with individual tuition given according to the student’s level.

Cost: The full twelve-week term costs £144 (£12 per session), and the four-week mini term costs £60 (£15 per session). The concession rate is £40 for four classes. This is a hybrid class, it takes place in a hall with a camera in the classroom linked to a zoom session so students can also attend online if they wish.

Eight Powers – Eight Trigrams

Thursday evenings online 6-7.30pm
Term runs 18th April to 27th June (Ten Weeks plus one week gap)
Learn about Tai Chi theory and Taoism using both body and mind. The Tai Chi Classics say Tai Chi’s eight powers correspond to the eight trigrams of the I Ching. In this course, students will learn about the eight trigrams, the forces of nature they represent, and how to use the trigrams to train the eight Tai Chi powers. Classes will be half theory and half Tai Chi training, we will look at one trigram and its corresponding power per week. This class is aimed at those who wish to learn Tai Chi or the I Ching, and welcomes complete beginners and experienced practitioners of both arts.

Cost: This ten-week online term costs £150 (£15 per class). If needed, students can pay in two installments of £75. The idea is one trigram and power per class, with an introduction and a concluding session. All sessions are recorded and sent to everyone who attends.

Tai Chi for Health

Tuesdays on Stoke Newington Common at 12.30-1.30pm
Term runs 16th April to 7th May (Four Weeks)
This is an hour-long Tai Chi class for beginners that takes place on the common during good weather and online when it rains. Students can improve posture while standing in the basic Tai Chi position, while the soft, fluid movements of the 13 Principles Wudang Tai Chi form improve mobility and calm the mind.

Cost: The full four week term costs £40. Students can also book in advance for all classes in the term they wish to attend at a rate of £10 per class or drop-in for £15 per session.

Follow-Along Qi Gong

Wednesdays 8-9am in Springfield Park and online
Term runs 17th April to 22nd May (Six Weeks)
This is an easy early morning Qi Gong class that takes place in nature and online. Our spot by the bandstand in Springfield Park is quiet and looks out across the River Lea. We train simple movements from the Basic Five Element Qi Gong in a follow-along class that aims to provide a mellow and refreshing start to your day. The class is simultaneously streamed online via zoom so students can also train at home.

Cost: This six-week term costs £60 for in-person attendees, and £50 for online attendees (there is a one-class discount in case of technical issues). Students can also drop-in for £15 per session. All classes are recorded and sent to those who miss sessions.

Heart Repair Nei Gong Retreat

Online Retreat 3rd-9th November
Weekday mornings 6.30-8am
, Weekends 10am-12.30pm
Focus the mind, free the heart, open the central channel and build internal power using the following techniques: Taoist Observation Meditation, Buddhist Touch and Go Meditation, Taoist Central Pillar Meditation and Standing Stake Nei Gong. This is a system Lucia developed that turns stress into strength.

Cost: £150 for 12.5 hours of online training and talks over one week, designed to take place before work. All lessons are recorded. Students MUST be able to attend either the introduction session on Sunday OR the first session on Monday live. If the first live session is Monday, the recording on the Sunday session needs to be watched beforehand.