Wudang Tai Chi Retreats

Wudang Pai Tai Chi’s Chinese Headquarters is situated in a small mountain village, a 30 minute drive away from Wudang Mountains. We will be taking a group there at the end of August 2024, more details are at the bottom of the page. According to legend, the atmosphere of these mountains is said to double the pace of Kung Fu development; this is why Grand Master Zhang San Feng chose to stay in Wudang for many years.

There are 5-6 hours of lessons taught by Yuan Li Min per day, 5.5 days a week, with self-practice in the early mornings and evenings. As well as training Tai Chi or other Wudang Arts, students can learn calligraphy, classic Chinese musical instruments, or Taoist chanting in their spare time. Lucia took her students to Wudang for the first time for two weeks in September 2014, and again in May 2016, you can see photos from those retreats here and read testimonials from the students below.

“To experience the gentleness, generosity, concern, inclusiveness and playfulness, not to mention humility, of Shifu Yuan LiMin, as well as his pure fluid internal power in his teaching and demonstrations, was amazing. We were truly fortunate to experience the teaching of this formidable Daoist Master.”

“The trip was simply amazing… We were well treated and felt like being part of a big family. Had a chance to visit a few places, practiced in different locations, met new people and got to know the Chinese culture better. It was a great adventure for me and if I went on my own it would have been completely different.”

“The training was the main reason for going and I couldn’t get enough of it, notice the progress made and realise more the benefit of the foundation basic practices and why they are so important.”

“Lucia’s ability to translate Shifu’s instructions so well meant we were able to understand and improve our form so well and so quickly.”

Our Next Retreat to Wudang Shan

We will be taking a group to Wudang to train from 23rd August to 8th September 2024, where we will learn the 36-step Secret Transmission Wudang Tai Chi. As of February 2024, the cost for this trip is £2300 when flying from London. This includes flights, training, accommodation, food, visa and translation fees. Students from abroad are welcome to fly in to train with the group. To do this, students would need to sort out their own international flights and visas, and meet us in Beijing on August 24th  – the cost for this is £1450. If you would like to come and join us, please press the enquire now button. If China seems a bit too far away – don’t worry, check out the Online retreats and UK retreats.