New Outdoor Classes! On Thursday evenings and weekends

Hi there folks! As the weather warms up it is a real treat to be able to train outside in Nature, and I am taking the opportunity to do this wherever possible. The new Tai Chi and Kung Fu class on Thursday evenings in Euston is currently based in the Camden Chinese Comunity Centre, but we go next door to Tavistock Square when weather permits. The pic above is of my training the Tai Chi and Kung Fu form, known as the 18-step Wudang Fist, in China this year.

Another outdoor training opportunity presents itself at the weekend workshops, which will take place at a series of scenic locations in East London over the course of the summer. The next one is June 1st in Springfield Park (see above), and the one after that is June 29th. Advance booking is available, or you can just drop in on the day – contact me for details.

Our venue for the Tuesday evening classes in Stoke Newington has a large terrace outside that we make the most of. The Tuesday term started earlier in May, we are slowly working through the Wudang 36-step form in this traditional Tai Chi class and welcome new students of all levels throughout the term. The Thursday daytime class for Hackney Council is ticking along nicely and I am thinking of setting up another daytime class during the week, watch this space for details.

Last but not least, the website has been updated, and includes information on the upcoming UK Summer camp at the end of July, as well as a new shopping cart facility. There certainly is a lot going on at Wudang Pai Tai Chi GB as we move from spring into summer, if you have any questions please drop me a line, otherwise I hope to train with you one sunny day soon!