Moments From Summer Camp 2019

Moments From Summer Camp 2019

On the last weekend in July I went with a group of students from all over the UK (and one from outside of it) to train Tai Chi and Kung Fu in the woods in Salisbury. We had 70 acres of woodland to ourselves, a couple of ecolodges, and plenty of deer. After a weekend of training, good company, and a campfire talk on how to use the Taoist classics to improve your Tai Chi, my students had this to say:

“When out there in those woods under those immense trees time just evaporated… classes seemed to fly past in an instant – every moment of them pure joy, energy, contentment; deep stillness” MK

“[I enjoyed] your deep knowledge of the internals of each move as well as their applications!” AP

“[The talk] complimented the class really well. It was really fascinating and useful – I felt my brain expand!… it was a great bonding session too.” NM

“The training in the woods was very very special and I loved the place we were training among the trees. It added another dimension to the training… It makes a big difference when you train in nature. I felt totally different when I came back” ND

“[I enjoyed] The chance to train in a supportive environment that helps you explore your own learning needs, which is a credit to your exceptional teaching abilities.” VP

“Practising consistently over a period of time and being immersed in nature allows for more depth and shedding of urban armour. I think the shift I felt in my standing (meditation) on Monday was due to this” AM

As a teacher, I found the stillness of the Woods made me want to train and teach deeply. For me, these retreats are all about connection. Connecting to nature, connecting to people, and connecting to parts of ourselves that we overlook due to the fast pace of modern life. And also, apparently, connecting with really good vegetarian chefs! 😉 

Thanks to all who came for training wholeheartedly, and being such a nice bunch of people to hang out and explore the woods with. If you are interested in attending a retreat with us in the future, and would like to know more, please feel free to drop me a line. Meanwhile keep an eye on my instagram for some more pics of us in our element – the magical woodlands of Hazel Hill.