Looking Forward to 2022

Looking Forward to 2022

The Autumn term drew to a close in the first week of December, and below are plans for in-person and online classes next year. If you wish to train over Christmas or are looking for a gift for someone special, the Wudang Pai Tai Chi Basics series is available to buy online here.

Tuesday Evening Tai Chi: This class will return to classrooms and be taught in person in Clapton, Hackney. We will be studying the Traditional 36-step Wudang Pai Tai Chi form in an all-levels class.

Thursday Evening Qi Gong: This class will remain online, and we will be learning the walking form for the Tiger from Five Element Qi Gong.

Wednesday Morning Kung Fu Conditioning: This class will also remain online. We will be gently increasing the level of challenge as students grow stronger, and slowly learning the 18-step Kung Fu form.

Tuesday Lunchtime Beginners Tai Chi: We are online through the cold months but if there are blue skies we head for Stoke Newington Common with a flask of tea.

Retreats: The plan is to hold a weekend Tai Chi retreat in South East England around the Easter break, more details on this will be released in the New Year.

When?: I will be back online from 10th January 2022, keep an eye on the website around then for more details.

Have a great Christmas everyone,
Lucia x