In-Person Classes are Back!

In-Person Classes are Back!

The Tuesday Evening Tai Chi classes are back after nearly a two-year hiatus, and will start on Tuesday February 1st next week. The class will run 6.30-8pm. Anyone is welcome to drop-in and try a class for £15, or you can sign up for the four-week term for £48 here. The concession price is £40, contact me directly if this rate applies to you.

We will be learning the 36-step Secret Transmission Wudang Pai Tai Chi which is the flagship form for the Wudang Xuan Wu Pai. The form is rich and varied and we break it down into bite-sized chunks in order to learn in, while training basic skills which condition the body to feel and control qi (life force).

This is an all-levels class that is taught by me, and assisted by my most experienced student Victoria, who has been training with me for the last ten years. Between us, we make sure beginners and experienced practitioners get the individual attention they need.

The hall we will be training in is called Wigan Hall, and it is next to 1 Wigan House on Warwick Grove in Clapton, E5 9JF. You can find a map on the contact page of the website here. It’s a large space with lots of windows and radiators and students will be well spaced out within the room. There is no mask-wearing policy, just do whatever makes you feel comfortable and respect the decisions of others. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the door.

In general, it’s appreciated if you can give some advance notice that you plan to attend class. But if that’s not possible, simply dropping in on the night is fine. You can book your space by contacting me directly or paying through the website here.

After the peak of the plague, and some post-armaggedon chaos & delay, Tuesday evening Tai Chi is finally back in business. Please come and join us as we take it from the top once more.

Best wishes