Spring Term 2021

Spring Term 2021

The pandemic has revolutionised the way we learn, with online lessons allowing students from all over the world to train together. At the same time after a lot of time spent online during lockdown there is a growing demand for in-person lessons. Nobody knows what the new post-lockdown normal will look like yet, so after Easter I plan to experiment with short, four week terms of different classes and formats to see what the most popular options are.

So… coming up after the Easter Break we have a new in-person Tai Chi class on a Thursday evening for complete beginners. This class will take place 6.30-7.30pm in North Millfields park, Hackney. Qi Gong will remain online but will switch to an hour-long class at the later time of 8-9pm. The four week terms for both of these classes start on April 29th.

The Tuesday lunchtime Begnners Tai Chi class on Stoke Newington Common will have two outdoor classes on 27th April and 4th May to see if this class will go back to being in person or remain online. And the Tuesday evening Traditional Tai Chi class (which is ten years old this year!) will remain online with a  four week term starting April 27th.

Coming up later on in the Spring term we have a Kung Fu HIIT lesson which looks at building strength while retaining softness, and a Kung Fu and Tai Chi weekend workshop is planned for a Saturday morning at the end of April or start of May (I will check out the weather report a bit nearer the time before confirming the date for this). There are other plans in the pipeline for weekend workshops, but before all of that there will be…

EASTER REST: 2nd April to 18th April inclusive. From the week of 19th April I will be teaching private lessons and answering messages, but most group lessons will start the week beginning 26th April 2021. Have a good break everyone.