Which Class is Right for Me?

For the most gentle class, try Tai Chi and Qi Gong on a Thursday morning. If you prefer to have a bit of a workout, try Tai Chi and Kung Fu on a Thursday evening. If you’re looking for the most traditional Tai Chi teaching possible, try the Tuesday evening classes. All classes welcome absolute beginners, if you are already an experienced Tai Chi practitioner, then the Tuesday evening all-levels class would be best for you.

If you would prefer to learn in your workplace, please check out the Tai Chi At Work page and get in touch. I am happy to cooperate with those looking to bring Tai Chi to the office for stress relief in London.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Mobility

Thursdays @ Core Clapton in Clapton 11am-12pm
This class is for those who want the easiest and most gentle introduction to Tai Chi. Students can improve posture while standing in the basic Qi Gong position, while the soft, fluid movements of the 13 Principles Wudang Tai Chi form mobilise joints and relax the mind. Each exercise is repeated frequently to allow it to sink into muscle memory and the class progresses at a slow pace. Seats are available and most exercises can be practised sitting down. Please inform Lucia of any health issues before the start of the lesson.

This class is subsidised by Hackney Council and is £2 for Hackney Residents. Those living outside of Hackney are welcome to attend and can make a donation based on what they can afford, suggested amount £5.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Thursdays at The Place in Kings Cross 6.30-7.30pm
Term runs 16th January to 2nd April 2020
This class is for those who fancy breaking a sweat before chilling out. The 18-step Wudang Fist form mixes slow moves from Tai Chi with faster movements from Wudang Kung Fu, making it accessible to people of all fitness levels. Students can expect a rigorous warm-up, partnerwork, basic skills from across the spectrum of Chinese martial arts, group practise of the 18-step Form and meditation. The aim of this class is to improve strength and teach tools for stress relief.

To drop in for just one class costs £15, and to book a block of five costs £60 (which works out to £12 per class). The five classes can be attended at any point within the term, but cannot be rolled over to the next term.


Tuesdays @ Wigan Estate Communiy Hall in Clapton 7-8.30pm 
Term runs 14th January to 31st March 2020
This 90-minute class is for those who want to learn Tai Chi in the most traditional way. It features a stretch warm-up, standing stake, basic skills, partnerwork and the 13 Principles Wudang Tai Chi  form. Through prolonged basic skills practise, students learn to feel their internal energy and focus the mind, which are then combined to create the ‘internal powers‘ of Tai Chi, and expressed in the Tai Chi form. This class is taught by Lucia and her most experienced students. Individual tuition is given according to the level of the students, making the class suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced students.

Students can try their first class for £10, after which they need to sign up for the whole term. Terms are 12 weeks long, and cost £144, which works out to £12 per class. Concessions rates are available.

Weekend Workshops

Saturday Mornings @ Various Locations in North East London 11am-1pm
On one Saturday per month we hold Tai Chi workshops around North East London. In the colder months these are indoors, and in the warmer ones they take place in natural beauty spots outside. Expect a 2 hour Tai Chi workshop in the morning, held in Islington, Walthamstow, Leyton or Hackney followed by lunch at a local cafe for those who fancy it.

These classes cost £20 in advance or £25 to drop in on the day. Please let us know in advance if you think you may drop in on the day.


Currently only available as a private lesson
The Wudang sword style is famous for its mix of fast and slow movements which make it exhilarating to practise. The sword becomes an extension of the body and mind, extending awareness as it teaches students how to transmit power over greater distances. This art form builds on empty-hand skills and is introduced once students are proficient at empty hand Tai Chi forms. Students initially look at individual sword strokes before going on to study the Wudang Seven Star Sword Form

A small group of students are currently studying the Seven Star Wudang Sword form in monthly private lessons. If you are already proficient in Tai Chi and would like to join us, please enquire.