Which Class is Right for Me?

Due to the Corona Virus, all evening classes currently take place via online conference call using Zoom. There is one daytime class that takes place outdoors in Hackney, and private lessons currently happen online and outside. Zoom is easy to use, you just need a PC, tablet or phone. Lucia will happily guide you through the process of getting online.

All classes welcome absolute beginners, if you are already an experienced Tai Chi practitioner, then the Tuesday evening all-levels class would be best for you. If you are more interested in Qi Gong, check out the Thursday evening class. If you want the most gentle introduction possible, check out the Tuesday lunchtime classes. If you can’t make it to any of these classes, you can always train in your own time using my online tuition series. To arrange classes for your staff online, please check out the Tai Chi At Work page and get in touch.

Beginners Tai Chi Outside

Tuesdays Lunchtimes @ Stoke Newington Common/online
This is an hour-long Tai Chi class for beginners that has been introduced during the Coronavirus era. It takes place outdoors when the weather is good and online when the weather is bad. Students can improve posture while standing in the basic Tai Chi  position, while the soft, fluid movements of the 13 Principles Wudang Tai Chi form improve mobility and calm the mind. When outside, the class is socially distanced and we santise our hands at the start of each lesson; contact details are required for test and trace purposes. Masks are not required but students can wear them if they so choose.

Students can try a class for £10, then they book in advance for all classes they wish to attend in the month ahead at the rate of £10 per class. For the month of January 2021 we will be online.

Online Five Element Qi Gong

Thursdays online 6.30-8.00pm
Next term runs January 14th to March 4th 2021 (8 weeks)
This class has been set up for the corona virus lockdown. It features movements from the Five Element Qi Gong set which can be practised in a small space at home. Class features a gentle warm-up, breathing exercises, study of a short walking form, and a run through of the entire basic Five Element Qi Gong Set at the end of class.

In the eight week term starting in January we will be looking at the walking form for the Turtle, which corresponds with the element of water and the kidneys. The term costs £96 (£80 for concessions) or students can drop-in to one class for £15 (£12 concessions).

Online Traditional Wudang Tai Chi

Tuesdays online 6.30-8.00pm 
The next term runs January 12th to February 16th 2021 (6 weeks).
This 90-minute class is for those who want to learn Tai Chi in the most traditional way. It features a stretch warm-up, standing stake, basic skills and the 13 Step DanDao Wudang Tai Chi  form. This is a short Tai Chi form with slow and fast movements which is well-suited to small spaces. Through prolonged basic skills practise, students learn to feel their internal energy and focus the mind, which are then combined to create the ‘internal powers‘ of Tai Chi, and expressed in the Tai Chi form. Individual tuition is given according to the level of the students, making the class suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced students.

This six-week term costs £72 or £60 for concessions. Students are welcome to drop-in to try a class on 12th January for £15, and after that will need to sign up for the rest of the term to continue.

Heart Repair Meditation for Nei Gong

One Saturday a Month 9am-12 noon 
Next session 23rd January 2021.
This meditation draws from Taoist observation and Buddhist emotional release techniques, and aims to dissolve blockages which stem from suffering and affect qi flow, free thought, and loving interactions. This technique has transformed Lucia’s internal practice, and made navigating the pandemic easier. It is being paired with Standing Stake Nei Gong, which is a crucial practice that moulds body and qi into the optimum state for Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

On the Saturday morning sessions, after Standing Stake there is some follow-along Tai Chi or Qi Gong, and the option of unstructured creative time 11am-12noon, where students pursue individual creative projects online together. Students are welcome to choose how long they do each practice for within a given time frame, and are encouraged to write down results to help ground the process. This three hour session costs £20.

Wudang Sword

Currently only available as a private lesson
The Wudang sword style is famous for its mix of fast and slow movements which make it exhilarating to practise. The sword becomes an extension of the body and mind, extending awareness as it teaches students how to transmit power over greater distances. This art form builds on empty-hand skills and is introduced once students are proficient at empty hand Tai Chi forms. Students initially look at individual sword strokes before going on to study the Wudang Seven Star Sword Form

A small group of students are currently studying the Seven Star Wudang Sword form in monthly private lessons. If you are already proficient in Tai Chi and would like to join us, please enquire.

Wudang Kung Fu

Currently only available as a private lesson
The 18-step Wudang Fist form mixes slow moves from Tai Chi with faster movements from Wudang Kung Fu, making a dynamic form which is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Students can expect a rigorous warm-up, basic skills from across the spectrum of Chinese martial arts, power emission practice (fa jin), and meditation.

If you are looking to build strength, speed and internal power then the 18-step Wudang Fist is an excellent choice. It’s good for beginners who wish to get in shape while building internal skill from scratch, for external kung fu practitioners looking to develop their qi, and for Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioners looking to develop faster and more explosive power.