Lucia Ring Watkins Performs Wudang Taichi
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Hacknet GazetteHackney Gazette October 2018
In October 2018 Lucia started teaching Tai Chi for Hackney council, offering £1 Tai Chi classes to help local residents with mobility. Hackney Gazette interviewed Lucia and wrote an article on her classes and backstory.

Wuhan Metropolis Daily News June 2015Fourth International Daoist Forum May 2017
In May 2017 the 4th International Taoist Forum was held in Wudang Mountains. At that time a journalist came to interview Lucia while she was staying at Yuan Li Min’s school to find out why she chose a life of Taiji. There is a video to go with this article here.

Wuhan Metropolis Daily News June 2015Wuhan Metropolis Daily News June 2015
In June 2015 Lucia performed at the World Expo in Milan with Master Yuan Li Min, her French and Spanish kung fu brothers Patxi Marta and Charles Henri-Belmonte and a group of students from France. It was a real honour to be asked to perform at the Chinese pavilion on ‘Hubei Day’ by the Hubei government as it showed the increasing importance being placed on Wudang Practitioners from outside of China. It was also a rare opportunity for the wider kung fu family to hang out, eat pizza and practise together – fun was had by all!

China Daily - September 2014 China Daily September 2014
The class trip to Wudang in 2014 featured a one-off surprise performance at a Wushu festival in Xiamen. In the words of one student… “Performing at the opening ceremony was once in a lifetime thing and despite being nervous it went really well.” Nervous or not, the locals loved it. Here we are in the local press… http://wudang.chinadaily.com.cn/2014-09/17/content_18613500.htm

Martial Arts Illustrated - July 2013 Martial Arts Illustrated July 2013
This is a four page article by Lucia about her journey to find her master Yuan Li Min in Wudang Mountains. It documents Lucia's hunt for the right school, what happened when she got there, and outlines the events that led her to become a disciple and start teaching in the UK. Just click on the thumbnail of the cover to download a pdf of the full article.